::::Wedding Photos are worth a Thousand Words::::

Capturing your wedding day is one of the most important elements of your wedding, its also 10-20 percent of your budget.

Working with several photographers over the years, I have developed a “eye” for wedding photography. Looking through there portfolios you can quickly learn the photographers style. There are a few different wedding photography styles including;

  • Traditional
  • Artistic
  • Photo Journalist


Apart of my wedding planning process with my clients is vendor recommendation, and that includes recommending a photographer. Before I recommend any photographer I must have had worked with this photographer previously, this helps with knowing their professionalism i.e communication, and time management.

However, there are times where the bride or groom already has a photographer in mind, in which case they still want me to give them my opinion on there word. Here’s a few things I look for;

  • Attention to Detail – as a wedding planner and designer we add a lot of special, yet small elements to make a wedding complete and of course would like to see that highlighted.
  • Special Moments – I like to see those special moments, that only happen for a second. Like when the groom whispers in his brides ear and says “I love you”
  • Angles – I love a fabulous angle honey!! Capturing a dance from the balcony, looking up at the couple throughout the lenses I just soak it all up.

View More: http://brettloveselle.pass.us/events

Lastly, the cost. I would not spend any less than $2500 on wedding photography. With this amount most, not all photographers of this price range will have years of experience, up to date equipment, amazing lighting, lots of examples of previous work, and a second shooter.

The average photographer is around $2500-$6000. Look out for;

  • Hours of wedding coverage
  • Number of images provided
  • Album included in cost
  • Engagement session included in cost



Live Fabulously,

Trish Drake



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