:::WEDDING CHAT:::::.. White Wedding Lies

Yes, yes it’s true weddings are expensive, and they cost more than just a pretty penny to plan.

I get questioned often “What is the average cost of a wedding?” my answer is simple “Depends on your guest count, but around twenty seven thousand dollars” mouth drop, is my most popular response.

Many brides are wanting to cut costs any way they can. So does that mean it’s okay to tell a little white wedding lie to get the cost lower? NO

Weddings are more costly than celebrations because more time goes into planning a wedding. The average wedding takes 200-400 hours to plan. Yes, you read that right 200-400 hours!!

More time, detail, and quality go into a wedding than a party.

Top White Wedding Lies

  • Makeup – Telling a makeup artist you need makeup for a night out instead of your wedding. These artists use special makeup specifically for photos and lighting. This ensures you look perfect in your wedding photos.
  • Catering – Telling the catering company your guest count is 100 however, it’s really 150. Caterers need time in advance to prepare your wedding meal, that way all your guests get to enjoy a meal.
  • Wedding Planner – He/she will be your best friend throughout your entire planning process. Make sure you are upfront and honest what your budget. Some wedding planners only handle budgets of a certain amount. Also, wedding planners work on your behalf so any information you provide them they will work for you using that information. Telling your wedding planner your budget is 15K when it is really 7K only hurts you during the process, as the wedding planner is now creating a wedding you can’t afford.

Hope these tips ensure you have a fabulous wedding day.

Trish Drake


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